Paradise Found

Paradise Found


The still night blankets me

cloaking me in darkness

Warm waves lap the shore

lulling me into a peaceful slumber

My eyes close


Above I hover

not wanting to land

The sky’s serenity

The view

The vastness

It’s more than I can comprehend

The world is blank canvas

Waiting for my hand

to join with others

and create something too beautiful

to be owned by one person.

That is paradise.

It must be shared

One Reply to “Paradise Found”

  1. I am blind by tearz I can’t see to write the linez are all smeared only bc I cry no thing more no less a writer knows what happenz to those of ourz we see we feel it burnz like a line but not * real* you should have known the liez would be sewn when I waz only writing the linez I had seen steal my sonz from stolen by them . I know real word and HE sayz all thingz in moderation…I ‘m not a prude kidz do their thing no one had heard or watch I try alwayz show God iz true,please Don’t over use no ear would hear my love. Please Don’t let it end I just could not believe I meant anything to anyone. Do not judge my ignorance by a rule …the salt on my lipz az it runs out my nose brought by tidal wave tearz. Do you hear me my dear let me feel your sweet embrace again. Kleenex cover my bed and have for yearz *proof* it is true. I am broken and reaching out.

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