Completed Manuscript

Completed Manuscript

       Tangled Too, is a contemporary young adult, coming-of-age novel. Complete at 110,000 words


Only seventeen, James Fitzpatrick is already in serious trouble—not that he would admit it. He drinks to cope with his dissociative episodes, can’t remember half his childhood, and is experimenting with things his friend Cal would kill him for if he found out.

Attractive, and the beneficiary of a large inheritance, James is a natural in Chicago’s modeling in world, and it offers him ample opportunities to screw up. But between floating in and out of reality and drinking till he can’t remember shit, his life is largely blank. If it wasn’t for Cal, he’d have given up a long time ago.

Caleb keeps him sane. He won’t let James drift. He’s on him about school, makes him listen to his shrink, and makes sure he stays on this side of the grave.

Until Cassie moves in next door.

From the moment she arrives, Caleb is distracted. “Think you can survive the summer without me keeping you alive?” Caleb asks.

At first James laughs it off. But as the weeks progress, James realizes that Cal is changing, and he might lose his friend for good. To make matters worse, something about Cassie pulls at his own heart. For the first time he’s thinking about a girl, instead of getting drunk as fuck and staggering around in oblivion.

Panicking, he reads Cassie the riot act, hoping she’ll disappear. But when a drug deal goes south, landing James in the hospital with only Cassie to keep him company, his attraction to her becomes harder and harder to deny.

James thought he was stressed before. Now he’s falling in love with the one girl he can’t have, and, as he starts to remember bits of his past, he finds he’s sharing them with Cassie instead of Cal.

Somethings got to give. The tightrope he’s walking is about to strangle him, as lies build and trusts are broken.