Ode to You

Ode to You

You came You went, you looked at me.

You gave to me a precious seed.

You touched my heart, with your cold hand.

I gave to you my gift to man

You planted deep into my womb

A baby of our very own.

But then you changed, deep down inside.

It wasn’t yours, you chose to lie.

Does it hurt, have you cried

You said you loved me.

Our love died.

I thought that you would stand by me

See how foolish love can be.

Now I am here and you are there.

To me, this doesn’t seem quite fair.

You call me on the telephone

Only to make me feel more alone.

I won’t forget the love I felt

for the life inside myself.

Or for the man who put it there.

And I have cried my fair share.

It’s over now, I’d like to say.

But on this a bet I’d lay.

Maybe we’re through, I don’t care.

But I did something that’s hard to bear.

Maybe what I did was wrong.

Maybe I’m blue, it hasn’t been long.

But I alone decided what to do.

I didn’t try to depend on you.

All you did was yell and scream.

Asking how I could be so mean.

When in this crime you played a part.

And in this game, you broke my heart.

I know of all the things I’ll miss

Laughter, Crying, a babies kiss.

The only thing you wanted to know,

Was why I gave you the freedom to go.

                                                                                      Marie Malo