Too Tangled to Move

Too Tangled to Move


Too Tangled To Move, is a contemporary young adult novel.

At seventeen, James Fitzpatrick is in serious trouble—not that he would admit it. He can’t remember half his screwed-up childhood, drinks to cope with his dissociative disorder, and is experimenting with drugs. If it weren’t for his best friend, Caleb, James would have given up a long time ago.

Caleb rides James about school, reminds him to listen to his shrink, and most importantly, always makes sure he stays on this side of the grave. But when Cassie moves into the neighborhood the summer of senior year, Caleb’s focus shifts to her. As Caleb’s relationship with Cassie progresses, James fears he might lose his friend for good.

To make matters worse, Cassie doesn’t treat James like he’s broken—and he likes it. As they become closer, James’ brain begins to thaw, and so does his heart. When random memories begin to surface, Cassie becomes his confidante, instead of Caleb. Soon James finds himself falling in love with the one girl he can’t have and lying to the one person he can’t live without.

But Cassie causes as much stress as she cures and being disloyal to Caleb screws with James’ conscience. When Caleb discovers James and Cassie’s relationship, James is forced to decide where his loyalties lie; before he loses everyone.






13 Replies to “Too Tangled to Move”

  1. Loved this book! Intriguing characters and excellent story line. I could not not put this book down! Highly recommend.

  2. This book hooked me from the start, got tangled in my heart, and kept me up all night on an emotional roller coaster ride. Hold on tight!

  3. Too Tangled to Move is a beautify written coming of age YA novel that explores what it means to be true to yourself. Marie’s voice is confident, sophisticated and completely convincing. This is a stunning debut, one that stays with you even after the end, leaving you always wanting more.

  4. Too Tangled to Move is a coming of age story that touches upon themes that not every teenager faces but it is done in such a way that the flawed characters will grab hold of your heart and you can only hope they will find the HEA they so deserve! Highly recommend!!

  5. Too Tangled to Move is a fantastic story with complex characters that kept me hooked from the beginning. It deals with heartbreaking themes that are tied together in a beautiful narration that will surely captivate many readers!

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