Endings Suck

Endings Suck

I walk into the room, you’re lying on the bed.

I want to run to you and hold you, and tell you that I’m scared.

Thought’s rush back as I search for my words,

but I needn’t try. It won’t change a thing.

So I stand there, and we stare.

I know you well, I know what that look means.

So many times I’ve seen it directed at others.

Now I am the one,

My heart sinks, for I can pretend,

yet all the kisses in the world won’t mend,

the scare of your eyes and the coming of the end.

I feel your heart beat under your skin

So many times I’ve been there before.

Don’t tell me I can’t touch no more.

I smell your hair in my face

I feel your arms about my waist

Constantly with me, when your not even near

I know you won’t hurt me cause you do really care.

It’s funny now, when I think back

and see you with me in my mind.

Even though I’m not alone, there is no one to bind.

I was your shadow, you were my eyes.

I loved you more then my best friend

which was you in disguise.

Being without you. I can’t comprehend

I miss you.

Given all the wishes in the world,

I would want to hold you one last time.

And see that lost look in your eyes.

Maybe now it would be a crime

But I don’t care.

I need you now.

Why aren’t you there.

I never understood how I affected you

But you were older–and knew me well.

You knew I played for real

Yet my heart you managed to steal.

When I was young

Is when it begun.

You’re fading from my mind, and that scares me most

Please don’t go.

But it’s too late.

You’re holding someone else tight

And I miss you more

each and every night.