The Affair

The Affair

The poetry that came out of me

after your affair

Tumultuous and Needy

Schizophrenic and Unruly


in its purest form

I had been slow

to catch on

Busy with a new baby

and other various tasks

of perceived importance

Fueled by my

exhausted brain

and terrified


How you enjoyed

lauding it over me

My girlfriend, you said

when I asked

who you were texting

You held the phone

away from me so I couldn’t grab it

and couldn’t quite see it

Then laughing

you pushed some buttons

and said


You can look now

Its all gone

You had me make you a robe

with deep pockets

for your phone

you teased

as it never left your side

Except at night

when you hid it

behind the basket

in the medicine cabinet

Yes i found it

but couldn’t turn it on

Until i did

Love you boo, she had written

Love you too, you had said


when I care to meander

through a hazy recollection

brought on by baby pictures

or that certain song

innocuous on the radio

I understand that

I knew

before I admitted

I knew

And that I

had nothing

to be afraid