Words of Dread

Words of Dread

I choke on them,

those words of dread.

Hard as stone,

they fill my head

They pull at me,

till I drown.

Those words of dread,

They drag me down.

2 Replies to “Words of Dread”


    Please answer me man in the sky
    I scream to you so loudly
    Never have you answered me
    I am waiting so patiently
    Give me the answers of which I seek
    I have been waiting so long for you to acknowledge I’m alive
    I run toward you with my arms spread open wide
    I’ve passed all your tests and done so well
    Please forgive my past to where I come from so blindly
    I do not fear you man in the sky though I should
    Bring me your worst or your best
    You will do so anyway
    I cast myself off the highest peak above the clouds
    With your grace you may let me fall or take me slowly
    Slowly to the water where I can float for æons
    Though not a fish, I float
    My back down my face warm beneath your light
    I fall below the waves
    The sparkling rays befallen
    I am befallen
    I have fallen
    The stars come out and I am lost
    There is hope but none for me
    Will I pass it on to the worthy?
    Ahead are nothing but choices
    Will I follow the true path or abandon it completely?
    The flag of injustice waves in my heart
    I must tear it down and burn it within your site
    Oh man in the sky take me if you will
    Oh man in the sky…