Blink Swallow Breathe

Blink Swallow Breathe

Sorry I made you bleed.

Your hesitance was all I needed.

To see into your heart

and rip you apart.

Your tears mean nothing,

the aftermath is my torment.

All I want, is to see you bleed.


The walls close in.

Panic clogs my throat

cloaked in calmness I can’t sustain.


Can you hear me scream.

Was it worth it, the extreme.


A few minutes.

Just a few minutes

twisted my head

fucked in my bed,

forever dead.


Blink, swallow, breathe.


Run from me, stay away.

I don’t need your help.

I’m much too fucked to see your help.

How it should be.

Without the blood.

Without my guts all over the floor.

Tears won’t come,

a song unsung

boils to the surface.


Blink, swallow, breathe.


Can you hear me scream.

Was it worth it, the extreme.

A few minutes

just a few minutes.

Twisted my head

Fucked in my bed

Fucked in my head.


Pulling out.

The door slams shut.

What a shame really.

I have no doubt.

Smile nicely.

Choke it down, without a sound.

Turn around

Slink away.

Blood on the surface washes me clean.

I deserve it.


Blink, swallow, breathe


It was nice for a while.

To have a place.

To make you crawl.

Made me hot.

To watch it build.

Pretending to only like it,

because it gave me chills.

Pull the strings.

Watch it sing.

Simple things really.

I like fooling my self.


Can you hear me scream.

Was it worth it, the extreme,

Just a few minutes

For a few stupid minutes,

the light came in.

Then smacked in the head.

Fucked in my bed.

Never again.


Blink. Swallow. Breathe.


marie malo



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