Two A.M.

Two A.M.

It’s two AM, I think of you.

I flip to my stomach feeling blue

I remember when you tucked me in like this.

Hands that love me, a warm embrace

I know the scent, a blurry face

I feel like it’s the safest spot on earth.

It’s four AM, I think of you

The feel of your body, next to mine

I open up and invite you in

You’re right to refuse me

we can’t win.

I curl up and pray for love.

Someone listened after all.


I follow you in my mind,

always a step behind.

Jokes on me cause your not mine.

Reality is a force you can’t escape.

Tethered to a time and place.

My heart keeps beating, teasing me.

Makes me want to run away.

It hurts here, but here I stay.

I curl up and pray for love

Someone listened after all.

Jokes on me cause I can’t  be that strong.


It’s five AM, I write a song

Knowing that I’m very wrong.

Run away, find that face

Be happy that I’m stuck in place.


Time is up

Marie Malo

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